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May 2019

The Practice Gate

An affordable and versatile FPV drone racing gate

The Practice Gate was a joint venture founded in 2019 between myself and racing pilot WaFL FPV. The goal was to create an versatile, portable gate for practicing FPV drone racing at a lower price than available anywhere else.

The Practice Gate is the ideal solution for pilots of any skill level, who want to improve their drone racing skills without breaking the bank. Every detail was carefully considered; dimension, material, and most importantly color. We ran a number of trials to determine what colors would stand out best against a wide variety of backgrounds, while using different camera and goggle combinations to find the ideal solution for all pilots. In the end, we went with a fluorescent orange on one side and a bright white on the other, so that pilots could choose which color would work best for their environment.

The Practice Gate was a huge success. Batch one consisted of 300 units, which sold for $15 each. We sold 45 gates on the first night, and ended up selling out our entire inventory in roughly 2 months.

In Q2 2020, The Practice Gate’s intellectual property was sold to who are currently producing and selling gates with many of the same goals TPG had.

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