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January 2019

The Dome

A low cost 360° video experience

The Dome was a project I undertook beginning my Sophomore year at Winchester High School. The art department had built a 20ft wide geodesic dome for one of their projects, and once that they had finished with it, I envisioned a future life for it as an interactive 360° theater.

Using a variety of low cost materials, including marine shrink wrap, plastic construction sheeting, and an array of retired classroom projectors, The Dome came to life with the help of a team of fellow students.

The Dome helped fill a need left open by previous virtual reality experiences. While in my previous projects headset based systems had shown great promise when tested with educational material in classrooms, by only allowing one student to experience the content at a time it limited the total length of each student’s experience. By scaling these educational VR experiences up to a room scale, entire classes could experience longer format VR content.

The Dome was made possible by a grant from the Winchester Foundation for Educational Excellence.

Read more about The Winchester Star’s visit to the dome here.


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